What is ultra-processed food, which can cause 32 dangerous diseases?

Ultra Processed Foods: Many serious diseases are on the rise due to bad eating habits. Nowadays people are eating things like chips, snacks, biscuits, pizza, burgers or cold drinks to fill their stomach in less time and rush. These foods are called ‘ultra-processed foods’, which are no less than poison for your health. A study has shown that if ultra-processed foods are eaten daily, the risk of 32 dangerous diseases, including cancer and diabetes, can increase. Let’s know what this research is and how dangerous ultra-processed foods are…

Why are ultra-processed foods dangerous?

According to research, snacks or sweet cold drinks go through many processes before reaching the market. These are called cosmetic foods B. Colors and many other things are added to make it tasty. They also contain added sugar and fat. Hence they are considered harmful to health.

What diseases are at risk from ultra-processed foods?

A team of researchers from the US, France, Australia and Ireland found that eating highly ultra-processed foods increased the risk of heart disease-related death by 48-53%. This increases the risk of stress and mental disorders by about 12 percent. The BMJ study found that eating more ultra-processed foods increased the risk of death by 21 percent. Eating them also increases the risk of death from heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes by 40 to 66 percent. Sleep and depression problems increase by 22 percent.

How to identify ultra-processed food

Ultra-processed foods are foods that are not normally prepared in a home kitchen. For example, if yogurt is made from milk, there is no problem, but if yogurt is made from milk in a large factory and colors, flavors, sugar or corn syrup are added to make it tasty, then it is called ultra-processed food. Is. According to WHO, carbonated cold drinks, sweets, salty snacks, ready-to-eat meat, cheese, pasta, pizza, fish, sausages, candy, packaged bread, biscuits, pastries, cakes, fruit yogurt, burgers, hot dogs, Instant soups and instant noodles fall under ultra-processed foods.

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