Anti-Vladimir Putin chants at Navalny’s funeral, several arrested – India TV Hindi

At Alexei Navalny's funeral, people shouted anti-Vladimir Putin slogans, many arrested - India TV Hindi

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Crowds gathered at Navalny’s funeral.

Alex Navalny, one of the most vocal critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently died in prison. Navalny was laid to rest in Moscow on Friday. A large number of people came to attend Navalny’s last rites. Meanwhile, despite the Kremlin’s ban, people gathered there. Not only this, during this time Navalny’s supporters also raised slogans against Vladimir Putin. During this time, around 100 people were detained from all over Russia. Let us tell you that Navalny died in prison 15 days ago, but he was buried in Moscow on Friday.

Chanting against Putin

Let me tell you that Navalny died on February 16 in a Russian prison. Tanulny’s body was buried at the Marino Cemetery in Moscow. Let us tell you that during this time, a large number of police were stationed near the cemetery. Despite the Kremlin’s warning, large numbers of people attended Navalny’s funeral and paid their respects. Navalny’s parents also came to attend his funeral. Meanwhile, the supporters of Navalny who were there raised slogans against Putin and said, ‘Putin is a murderer. We will never forgive.

Navalny’s wife said this.

Meanwhile, the security personnel posted there detained some people. Let us tell you that the ambassadors of France and Germany also arrived to attend Navalny’s funeral. He also paid tribute to Navalny. Navalny’s wife, Yulia, did not attend the event. She paid tribute to her husband on social media. Let us tell you that Yulia blamed Vladimir Putin for her husband’s death. Let us tell you that Navalny’s body was handed over to his family just a week ago. Let us tell you that Navalny was considered one of Putin’s biggest critics.

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