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Muslim woman’s plea rejected in Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad High Court, while hearing a case, has declared a live-in relationship of an already married Muslim woman with a Hindu man as haram according to Sharia. Refusing to grant protection to a married Muslim woman living with a Hindu man, the Allahabad High Court has held that a legally married Muslim woman cannot go out of wedlock and, according to Sharia, she can live with another person. can live A ‘relationship’ would be considered zina (adultery) and forbidden.

The court referred to the provisions of Shariat.

In fact, the woman had sought protection from her father and relatives citing danger to her and her male partner’s life, which was rejected by a bench headed by Justice Renu Agarwal, who said that the court was guilty of the woman’s “criminal act”. Can’t support. The court said, “The first petitioner (wife) is living with the second petitioner (live-in partner) contrary to the provisions of Muslim law (Sharia). Under Muslim law, a married woman cannot go out of marriage. Therefore, this act of a Muslim woman is defined as adultery and haram.

The woman’s husband is living with another wife.

During the hearing, the court said, “The petitioner woman has not obtained any decree (order) from the appropriate authority regarding divorce from her husband.” According to the facts of this case, the petitioner was married to a person named Mohsin who had remarried two years ago and is living with his second wife. After that the first wife (petitioner) went to her home but due to the abusive behavior of the husband she started living with a Hindu man. In its judgment on February 23, the court said that since the Muslim woman has not submitted any application to the concerned authority for conversion and has not divorced her husband, she is not entitled to any protection.

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