This report is warning about mental health, why is it alarming for young people?

Mental problems: Mental problems are becoming the biggest problem today. People are falling victim to it at a young age. Due to which many kinds of problems are arising. A study by the British Resolution Foundation on mental health is terrifying. It has been reported that around 20 people today will quit their jobs by the time they are 40. The reason for this will be diseases. This study claims that by the time a person reaches the age of 40, they will become so mentally ill that they will have to quit their jobs. A large number suffer from mental health problems.

Impact on career

The study claims that by 2023, one in every 20 young people had either dropped out of work or education due to health problems. This is having the greatest impact on low-income people or the unemployed. According to research, mental health problems are most common among young people. Until 20 years ago, mental health problems among young people were negligible.

What types of mental problems arise in adolescence?

The study found that 34 percent of 18-24-year-olds were struggling with some form of mental health problem in 2021-22. Most of them are patients suffering from anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. According to statistics, about 5 lakh youth are using anti-depressant pills. Similarly, young people will not be able to work till the age of 40 due to illness.

The crisis will increase for these youth.

According to Lewis Murphy, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation, the research shows that the economic crisis facing young people is set to worsen in the coming days. This will most affect young people without a university degree, as one in three young people today suffer from mental health problems and do not graduate. Research shows that 79 percent of 18-24 year olds are weak in mathematics and English at secondary school level due to these diseases. Let us tell you that all these figures are for UK only.

What can young people do to prevent mental health problems?

Playing sports and being with friends as a child.

Enjoy your life openly with family.

Try to live a social life to the fullest when you are young.

Keep thinking positive.

Make new friends and learn new languages.

Do yoga and meditation regularly.

Maintain a good diet.

Disclaimer: Before following the procedures, methods and tips described in this article, please consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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