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US presidential election.  - India TV Hindi.

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US presidential election.

The presidential election race has started in America. First, primary elections are being held to select candidates within the parties. The race between former President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination continues. So far, Donald Trump has been winning every election and trailing Nikki Haley. However, Nikki Haley has defeated Donald Trump in her first victory.

Won the election in this state.

Nikki Haley has won the District of Columbia (DC) primary election to elect the Republican nominee for president. Haley won her first election during the 2024 election campaign by defeating former President Donald Trump. Haley, who is challenging Donald Trump, won 62.9 percent of the vote, compared to the former president’s 33.2 percent.

There will be a big competition on Super Tuesday.

Nikki Haley has temporarily halted Trump’s winning streak by winning the District of Columbia. However, former President Trump is likely to win a large number of delegates in this week’s Super Tuesday. Let us tell you that Super Tuesday is the day of the primary election process for the selection of the presidential candidates of the United States, when most states hold primary and caucus elections.

Who is ahead in the presidential race?

Donald Trump is currently leading the Republican Party in the US presidential election. However, former President Donald Trump is currently struggling with lawsuits filed against him. Let us tell you that in November 2024 there is a possibility of presidential elections in America. If we talk about ratings, Trump is leading in this race. (input language)

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