‘Violence in Manipur led to increase in drug trafficking in Mizoram’, minister claims – India TV Hindi

Narcotics Minister Lalangangaluva Hamara- India TV Hindi.

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Narcotics Minister Lalangingalova Hamari

Azole: Mizoram Excise and Narcotics Minister Lalangangaluva Hamar said on Tuesday that drug trafficking in the state has increased due to communal violence in neighboring Manipur. Answering a question in the budget session, Hamar said that drugs are being smuggled into Mizoram from other countries via Manipur and Tripura.

Manipur was held responsible

Minister Lalangangalova on Tuesday revealed an alarming increase in drug trafficking within the state. For this he blamed the ongoing caste violence in the neighboring state of Manipur. Highlighting the seriousness of the situation, the Minister called for the collective participation of the government, NGOs, the Church and the public to effectively address the issue.

The minister expressed this concern.

Despite concerted efforts to combat drug trafficking and abuse, the minister acknowledged the challenge posed by drug trafficking at the local level following extensive campaigns by the state government, churches and civil society organisations.

This year so many drugs have been recovered in the state.

Since the beginning of this year, Mizoram’s Excise and Narcotics Department has seized significant quantities of drugs, including 15 kg of heroin, 96.5 kg of methamphetamine tablets and 238.6 kg of ganja, he said. Additionally, a total of 1,211 people have been arrested in drug-related cases. He said that the sad thing is that since the beginning of the year, ten people, including a woman, have lost their lives due to the use of drugs.

The situation in Manipur is alarming.

Let us tell you that the violence following the ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ protesting against the demand for Schedule Tribe (ST) status of the Meiti community from May 3, 2023 in Manipur has added to the instability of the region. .

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