‘Missing Ladies’ released its budget in a week, Know Collection

Missing Ladies Box Office Collection: The movie ‘Missing Ladies’ was released in theaters on March 1. It has been 1 week i.e. 7 days since the movie hit the theaters and in these days the movie has taken out its budget. The low-budget film ‘Pataa Ladies’ is getting a lot of response from the audience and now the makers have come up with a special offer for the audience on ‘Women’s Day’. It is hoped that the film can take full advantage of this offer of ‘Women’s Day’.

Missing Ladies is directed by Karan Rao while Aamir Khan has handled the production of the film. Karan had earlier directed the 2010 film Dhobi which was a box office flop. But the film has been successful and is now busy making profits.

How much did ‘Missing Ladies’ earn in a week?

According to reports, the budget of the film Lipid Ladies is around Rs 4 to 5 crore. The low-budget film has gone on to make a profit by completing its budget in a week. According to Sakinlik, the film Missing Ladies made a business of Rs 44 lakh on the seventh day and with that the film earned Rs 5.92 crore in seven days.

Even if the budget of the film is Rs 5 crore, it has exceeded the budget and now whatever it earns in future will be profit. Aamir Khan Productions has shared a post on Instagram in which the team has said that on Women’s Day, the tickets for the movie ‘Lapata Ladies’ will be available for Rs 100.

In this video, you can see the two actresses of the film Pratibha Raanta and Nitanshi Goyal, the lead actors Sparsh Srivastava and Karan Rao eating the cake. When the cake is finished, a poster is placed in the tray that says ‘Women’s Day’ Special Rs.100. This means this offer is only valid on March 8. Now only time will tell if this helps the film’s collections or not.

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