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Around 100 students in Greater Noida succumbed to food poisoning. In the evening, after having food, the condition of the students worsened, after which they were immediately admitted to a nearby hospital. Based on the complaint, the police and food department team are engaged in investigation.

Know the whole story.

The matter pertains to a hostel named Arian Residency located in the Knowledge Park police station area of ​​Greater Noida. Students of different colleges live in this hostel. The students got food on Friday evening and after eating the food, everyone’s condition suddenly worsened. During this time, she started having nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. As the condition of so many children deteriorated, panic spread throughout the hostel and all the students were hurriedly sent to different hospitals. Meanwhile, around 47 students were admitted to the Kailash Hospital located near the Residency.

What did the doctor say?

All these students were admitted on Friday night and are still in the hospital. The students said that we had dinner before and after that suddenly my condition worsened and became so bad that I had to come to the hospital. Dr. Haque of Kailash Hospital said that around 47 students were brought to the hospital during the night. All these people got food poisoning after eating food. All students are currently in stable condition. They will be discharged if their condition improves further.

There, after this incident, the food department has also taken action. In this case, he has said that samples of the food given to the students in the hostel will be tested.

(Reporting by Rahul Thakur)

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