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Ghum Hai Kise Pyaar Mein Mor - India TV Hindi.

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I’m missing someone I love.

In the upcoming episode of ‘Gum Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Mein’, the episode will begin with Shikha. Big drama is going to happen in Savi-Ishaan’s house today. Shikha serves breakfast and tea to Mukal and Apsara, which puts everyone at ease and puts a small smile on their faces. Durva questions Mukal about Anvi and the gift he bought for her. Mukal replied explaining to Durwa. While Durva creates a scene at home. Anvi is busy talking on the phone with a friend when Mukul enters his room. Anvi became silent seeing him. A new drama follows.

Darva will make a drama.

While Mukul gently puts his hand on Anvi’s shoulder and tries to talk to her. At the same time, Nishikanth also enters and is seen sharing happiness with Mukal. Mukul tells Nishikant that he loves Anvi and demands marriage. Before leaving the room, Mukul tells Anvi about his trip to Paris. Mukal and Apsara give the Bhosle family a lot of love and leave. Later he invites everyone to his house. He asks to bring Ishaan Savi too. While Darwa will create a drama in the house with all this.

Reva benefits from the Savi-Ishaan fight.

Ishaan asks his wife Savi to come and have dinner with him in front of everyone and warns her not to make a fuss. Savi agrees with Ishaan. As Mukul leaves the house, the two start fighting again. And Akka will scold Savi once again. Reva tries to ignite more fire in the fight between Ishaan and Savi.

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