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Amit Shah- India TV Hindi.

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Amit Shah, Union Home Minister

New Delhi : Amid the political uproar over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), the Home Ministry on Tuesday said Indian Muslims need not worry about the CAA as the law has nothing to do with Indian Muslims. do not have. Their counterparts Hindu Indian citizens. Trying to allay the concerns of Muslims and a section of students regarding the CAA, the ministry clarified that “after this law, no Indian citizen will be required to produce any document to prove his citizenship.” It will be said.

Nothing to do with Indian Muslims – Ministry of Home Affairs

“Indian Muslims need not worry as there is no provision in this law affecting their citizenship,” the home ministry said in a statement. The Citizenship Act has nothing to do with the existing 180 million Indian Muslims, who have the same rights as their Hindu Indian counterparts.” The Center has banned undocumented immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who Came to India before 31 December 2014. -The Citizenship (Amendment) Act was notified on Monday to provide fast-track citizenship to Muslim immigrants. The Ministry of Interior said in its statement, “The image of Islam has been badly tarnished in the whole world due to atrocities on minorities in these three Muslim countries.” However, Islam, being a peaceful religion, never promotes hatred, violence, persecution on religious grounds.

CAA not against Muslim minorities – Home Ministry

The statement said that this law protects the image of Islam from being tarnished in the name of atrocities. Explaining the need for the law, the ministry said India has no agreements with Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to repatriate refugees to those countries. The citizenship law is not related to the deportation of illegal immigrants, the statement said. Therefore, the apprehension of a section of people, including Muslims and students, that the CAA is against Muslim minorities is unwarranted,” the ministry said under Section 6 of the Citizenship Act, which deals with citizenship based on nationality. There is no restriction on getting Indian citizenship from anywhere in the world. The statement said that without diminishing the rights, freedoms and opportunities enjoyed by Indian Muslims since independence, like Indian citizens of other religions, the CAA will apply to people who came to India on or before December 31, 2014. It will end the suffering of persecution. The eligibility period for applying for citizenship has been reduced from 11 to five years to reduce and show leniency towards them.

Underscoring the rationale for bringing in the CAA, the ministry said the law aims to show compassion to the oppressed minorities of these three countries and grant them Indian citizenship for their happy and prosperous future in accordance with India’s liberal culture. To provide an opportunity to achieve. “This law was necessary to bring about necessary changes in the citizenship system and to control illegal immigration,” the statement said. Will not allow to get. In these three Islamic countries, they have faced persecution for following their own ways of Islam. On Tuesday, protests against the implementation of CAA broke out in parts of the country, including Assam. (input language)

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