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Former US President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.  - India TV Hindi.

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Former US President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Washington: The November 2024 presidential election in America is going to be very interesting again. The victory of Donald Trump and Biden in the presidential candidacy so far has made it clear that there will be another contest between these two leaders. It also makes it clear that America will have an older president in 2024. Because the final contest is going to be between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Biden won the Democratic primary election while former President Donald Trump won the Republican primary election and advanced to the presidential nomination of their respective parties.

President Biden (81) easily won the party’s primary election in Georgia and is now the party’s presumptive candidate for the presidential election. Biden has the support of more than half of the 3,933 total delegates (party members who represent voters). 1,968 delegates are needed to become the Democratic nominee. Biden will be officially announced as the party’s nominee during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August. Trump (77) has so far won 1,215 delegates.

Trump will be officially announced as the Republican nominee in July.

Trump will be formally announced as the candidate at the Republican National Convention in July. Trump will be the candidate of the Republican Party in the presidential elections for the third time in a row. Like last time, the contest between the two was long awaited, although this time Trump will contest the election while facing different cases. Trump will become the first former US president to face a criminal trial in New York on March 25. In this case, Trump is accused of improperly manipulating records to hide secret payments made to ‘porn stars’.

Biden called Trump a threat to democracy.

Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her joy at Biden’s nomination as her party’s nominee. Biden released a statement expressing his joy at the win and candidacy and called Trump a threat to democracy. Biden said Trump was “running a campaign of anger and revenge that threatens the very idea of ​​America.” On Tuesday, on the eve of the primaries, Trump admitted that Biden was the only candidate in front of him. The Democratic Party will be the candidate. After winning the Republican primaries, Trump’s morale is high. He said that America’s worst president has to be defeated now. (language)

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