Rahul Gandhi calls Electrol Bonds world’s biggest ‘extortion gang’ – India TV Hindi

Rahul Gandhi - India TV Hindi.

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Rahul Gandhi

Police Station: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday termed the electoral bonds floated by the BJP-led central government as the world’s biggest extortion racket. The Supreme Court has now struck down the scheme. Addressing a press conference in Thane, he alleged that the money raised through the scheme was used to break up political parties and topple opposition governments. The data related to this scheme was made public a day ago on the direction of the Supreme Court.

Country sees reality of electoral bonds: Rahul

Rahul said that a few days ago the country has seen the truth of the electoral bond. It is a way of taking money from companies. There is a way to get contracts from companies. It has a cell company. In this, money is being taken from CBI and ED by putting pressure on them. If a case is filed against a company, after a few days BJP gets money from the concerned company and gets a contract worth thousands of crores of rupees.

‘Bharat Jodo Naya Yatra’ is in its final phase.

Rahul Gandhi said there is no link between electoral bonds and contracts given by Congress or other opposition party governments in states. Rahul Gandhi is in Maharashtra on the last leg of his ‘Bharat Jodo Naya Yatra’.

Said this about Maharashtra.

Rahul Gandhi said that two separate parties have split into two separate parts in Maharashtra. Where is his money coming from? Is it coming from here? Not only that, but where is the money coming from for governments trying to overthrow governments anywhere in the country? BJP is getting money only through electoral bonds. He said that now all investigative agencies are arms of BJP. Now these institutions are not the institutions of the country. Rahul Gandhi said that when he does not have a government and we have a government, he will also be forced to think once.

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