Javed Akhtar hits back at ‘Animal’ director, what did the lyricist say about Sandeep Reddy?

Javed Akhtar on Animal Director: There are many times when people from the film industry make statements against each other. These statements are not made face to face but at different places. Something similar is happening these days between lyricist, writer Javed Akhtar and film director Sandeep Reddy Wanga. When Javed Akhtar criticized the film ‘Animal’, its director Sandeep Reddy responded.

Sandeep Reddy had said that the web series ‘Mirzapur’ produced by his son Farhan Akhtar is nonsense. The director recalled some web series of the lyricist’s son Farhan and reminded him of the excesses in it. Now Javed Akhtar has hit back at him.

Javed Akhtar hit back at Sandeep Reddy.

Javed Akhtar also mentioned these things during a conversation with YouTube channel Mojo Story. On Sandeep Reddy’s statement, he said, ‘I was not criticizing the filmmaker because in a democratic society he has the right to make films like animals. I was only worried about the audience, not the filmmaker. He has the right to make any type of film.

When Sandeep Reddy called web series like ‘Mirzapur’ produced by Farhan Akhtar’s company Excel Entertainment as nonsense, Javed Akhtar also responded. He said, ‘I have not seen the film, I have only heard about it. But what I heard was surprising. I felt proud when he (Sandeep Reddy) answered me. In my 53-year career, he didn’t get anything from my film, a dialogue, a script or a song, so he moved to my son’s company.

Javed Akhtar further said that ‘Farhan neither acted in this web series nor directed it nor wrote the story. Only that series is made in this company. That company has now grown to make many things and that series was just one of them. It’s a shame that they didn’t get anything in my 53-year career.

How did this controversy begin?

Javed Akhtar mentioned the shoe licking scene from the movie Animal. He had said, ‘I believe that in today’s age it is a testing time for young filmmakers. Society should define what kind of character it wants to show. For example, if a man in a movie asks a woman to lick his shoes or slaps a woman and that movie becomes a super hit, it is very dangerous. Sandeep Reddy Wanga had responded to the same point of Javed Akhtar.

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