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How to dye hair black

Nowadays, people are worried about the problem of hair loss at an early age. Applying too many chemicals to the hair leads to premature graying and then chemical hair color is used again to dye the gray hair. Due to which the rest of the black hair also starts to turn white. If you want to avoid applying chemical dyes available in the market, there are several ways you can darken your hair at home. Today we are telling you how to make natural hair dye for hair with turmeric and mustard oil. This will turn your hair completely black in a few days. Mustard oil is very beneficial for hair while turmeric has antiseptic properties. Learn how to dye your hair with turmeric and mustard oil and how to use it.

Make natural hair color with mustard oil and turmeric

  1. You need 3-4 spoons of mustard oil to dye your hair.

  2. Put oil in an iron pan or pan and heat it on gas.

  3. Now mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric in oil and cook on low flame.

  4. You have to cook the turmeric on a very low heat, otherwise it will burn and turn very dark.

  5. Now while stirring, when the color of turmeric and oil turns dark like color, turn off the gas.

  6. Remove the oil in a pot and keep it to cool slightly.

  7. Now add 1 capsule of vitamin E to this light and natural hair color made with oil.

  8. It works well on white hair and can also be applied on black hair.

  9. Apply it like an oil for about 2 hours and then wash the hair with water or a mild shampoo.

  10. Apply it at least twice a week. In a few days your hair will turn completely black.

Make a hair toner with beetroot and orange peels, the color will be such that no color is needed.

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