A youth was shot dead in a hotel in Maharashtra, then attacked with a sharp weapon – India TV Hindi

Maharashtra police begin CCTV probe into murder of man sitting in hotel in Pune's Solapur - India TV Hindi

Image source: India TV
A young man was shot dead in a hotel in Maharashtra.

A shocking incident has taken place in Pune district of Maharashtra. A person has been killed in a hotel on the Indapur Expressway on the Pune Solapur National Highway here. Not only this, after the firing, some people rush there and brutally attack one by one with sharp weapons. Let me tell you that the young man has died in this incident. As soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the spot and started investigation after taking notice of the matter. Let us tell you that a video of this incident has also surfaced, which is very scary.

A person sitting in the hotel was shot.

Actually, there are 4 people sitting in Hotel Jagdamba Restaurant on Indapur Expressway. Meanwhile, the hotel was almost completely empty. Meanwhile, when viewed in the video, it can be seen that someone is standing outside the gate of the hotel who is signaling the vehicles coming to the hotel with the help of a flashlight. Meanwhile, four people were sitting and talking in the hotel. Only then the first 2 people come to the hotel. He had a plastic bag in his hand. After that, the two men try to hide from the four youths by taking the help of a fridge and then one man reaches into the bag and pulls out a gun.

He also attacked with a sharp weapon.

After that, the accused started firing. Let us tell you that the deceased’s name is Avinash Balu Dhanve, who was 34 years old. The accused fired from behind from point blank range. After that several shots were fired one after the other. Soon after that, some other people arrived there with sharp weapons in their hands. After that they start attacking Avinash’s neck and body one after another. Meanwhile, Avinash fell there bleeding. Let me tell you that this incident took place on Saturday night at 8 pm. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and started searching for the killers. According to information, 6-7 unknown people were riding in a four wheeler.

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