Sri Lanka Navy arrests 21 fishermen, seizes 2 boats – India TV Hindi

21 Fishermen- India TV Hindi.

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The Sri Lankan Navy captured 21 fishermen.

Colombo: The Sri Lankan Navy has arrested 21 fishermen and seized two of their boats. Rameswaram Fishermen’s Association reported this.

Recently there was news of the arrest of 15 fishermen.

It was reported on Friday that the Sri Lankan Navy has detained at least 15 Indian fishermen off the coast of Karai Nagar in the northern Jaffna Peninsula. The action was taken over allegations of fishing from the island nation’s waters. The Sri Lankan Navy seized the fishermen’s boats and referred the matter to the Directorate of Fisheries for investigation.

Fishermen are the main cause of conflict between India and Sri Lanka.

Notably, the issue of fishermen often comes up as a conflict between India and Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Navy has also fired on Indian fishermen in Palak Strait. Boats have been seized many times by Sri Lanka. Last year, the Sri Lankan Navy arrested 240 Indian fishermen and confiscated 35 of their boats.

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