When the glass of the flying plane broke, the pilot sitting in the cockpit got out of the window, thus saving his life – India TV Hindi

Photo taken during the accident.  India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
Photo taken during the accident.

In the year 1990, when a plane was in the sky, the front windshield of the plane suddenly broke. At that time the plane was at an altitude of 17000 feet. The plane was British Airways Flight 5390. In which after the windshield was broken, the cockpit started to get messy. Meanwhile, the pilot in the cockpit, Tim Lancaster, walked out of the flying plane. The pilot was fortunate that a flight attendant from the aircraft, Nigel Ogden, was in the cockpit at the time. Ogden saw the pilot climb out of the windshield. The flight attendant held the ejected pilot for more than 20 minutes. While the co-pilot made an immediate emergency landing of the plane.

The pilot was hanging out in the air.

In the incident, most of the crew assumed the pilot was already dead, but Ogden held the pilot and did not release him until the plane landed. The flight attendant was well aware that if he released the pilot, the pilot’s body could collide with the aircraft’s engine, wing or stabilizer, resulting in a crash. All Ogden knew was that the pilot was slowly climbing out the window and his head was constantly hitting the airframe.

The life of the pilot was saved.

Finally, after a frustrating 20-minute flight with the windows open, the plane touched down safely at Southampton Airport. During the incident, the flight attendant was also injured while trying to save the pilot. Ogden suffered frostbite to the face, an eye injury, and a broken shoulder bone. Miraculously, pilot Tim Lancaster survived, although he was frostbitten and suffered multiple fractures in his arms and hands.

After the incident, the crew visited Captain Tim Lancaster in the hospital.

Image Source: Social Media

After the incident, the crew visited Captain Tim Lancaster in the hospital.

Heroes of Flight 5390: Captain Tim Lancaster surrounded by crew, from left, Alistair Aitchison, John Howard, Nigel Ogden, Susan Prince and Simon Rogers. They were a team committed to taking care of each other and humanity. His story will always be a great example of bravery.

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