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The Supreme Court came down hard on electoral bonds.  - India TV Hindi.

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The Supreme Court came down hard on electoral bonds.

The issue of electoral bonds is also under hearing in the Supreme Court on Monday. The Supreme Court has clearly asked the State Bank not to selectively release details of electoral bonds but to disclose all information. The Supreme Court has said that SBI should disclose all possible information on electoral bonds including the bond number.

Don’t be selective about showing up.

While hearing the electoral bond case, the Supreme Court said that SBI was asked to disclose all the details, including the number of electoral bonds. Supreme Court says SBI should not be selective in disclosing details. The Supreme Court says it wants all information related to electoral bonds held by SBI to be made public. The Supreme Court says that after receiving the information from SBI, the Election Commission will immediately upload the details on its website.

Display all details.

The Supreme Court has directed SBI to disclose all details of electoral bonds in its possession, including the unique alphabetical number and serial number, if any, of these encashed bonds. The Supreme Court directed the SBI chairman to file an affidavit by 5 pm on Thursday stating that the SBI has disclosed all the details of the election bonds that were in its possession and custody and that no Details have not been disclosed.

We work according to the Constitution – Chief Justice

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta has asked the Supreme Court to consider issuing some directions in this regard. On this, CJI DY Chandrachud said that as judges we are only on the rule of law and work according to the constitution. Our court only works for the rule of law in this polity. As judges, we argue on social media but our shoulders are strong enough for that. We are only following the instructions of our judgement. Along with this, the Supreme Court dismissed the plea directing SBI to disclose electoral bonds purchased and cashed before April 12, 2019.

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