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Hotel like Dahi Vada Recipe- India TV Hindi.

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A hotel-like Dahi Vada recipe

During Holi, not only Gajiya is made at home but Dahi Vada is also made. A meal is not complete without them. Apart from this, people also serve it to the guests who come to the house. But, often we can’t make hotel-like dahi vada at home and end up regretting the taste. So many times our curds also break. So many times the paste becomes thin and the shape, size and taste of the vada deteriorates. So today let’s know how to make hotel like dahi vada. What is the recipe for making them, let’s know about these things in detail.

How to make Hotel Style Dahi Vada?

1. How to thicken Dahi Vada batter

– Take half a cup of urad dal.

– Grind half a cup of mung dal.
-Grind both separately.
Mix them both and add some baking soda or Eno to them.
Wheel it for 15 to 20 minutes.
Meanwhile add salt, finely chopped ginger and finely chopped green chillies.
Whip it and put it in water.
If it floats to the top, it means it is ready to be made.

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2. How to fry dahi vada

– To make dahi vada take a pan and add oil in it.
– Keep on low-medium heat.
– Fry until golden brown.
Now take lukewarm water to put it in water.
– Add little salt and asafoetida to it.
Soak it for 15 minutes. Remember to keep only as many of the large ones you want to eat in the water, otherwise keep the rest covered.

Dahi Vada recipe

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Dahi Vada recipe

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3. How to prepare curd

– First take fresh yogurt.
– Add 2 spoons of sugar to the curd.
– Add black salt and beat both.
Now add chaat masala, black salt, mint powder, roasted cumin powder and red chilli powder to this curd.

Now take a plate and keep the vada in it away from the water. Squeeze it out with water but be careful not to break it. After that, you have to pour curd on these vadas and cover them completely. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and thus hotel is ready like dahi vada. You can also add green and sweet chutney on top of it.

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