Video: Woman’s body lies on railway tracks in MP for hours, several trains run over her – India TV Hindi

MP Umaria News- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
The dead body is blurred

Age: A case has come out from Umaria in Madhya Pradesh which has put the entire humanity to shame. The body of the woman was lying on the railway track in Umaria for hours, but no one tried to remove the body from the track. The result was that passenger trains and freight cars continued to pass over the corpses and people stood by as silent spectators.

What’s the whole deal?

The case is a few steps from the Chandia Road railway station in Bilaspur to the Katni railway section. A woman died after being hit by an unknown train here. The information was immediately given to the railway administration, but the body was not recovered for hours. As a result, several trains ran over the body.

Many railway passengers appealed to the railway administration to remove the dead body, but the railway administration did not listen. The body of the woman was lying on the track for 4 hours and the spectators were standing there making videos. After which the railway administration opened its eyes and removed the body of the woman from the track and started the investigation.

A video of the entire incident has also surfaced in which the woman’s body is lying on the track and a passenger train is passing over it. (Reporting by Brijesh Srivastava with Vishal Khandelwal)

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