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Pushpak (RLV-TD) - India TV Hindi.

Image source: ISRO
Pushpak (RLV-TD)

Today ISRO has achieved a great success. ISRO today achieved a major breakthrough in the field of reusable launch vehicle i.e. RLV. The reusable launch vehicle ‘Pushpak’ has been test-fired at the Aeronautical Test Range in Chitradurga, Karnataka on Friday, March 22, 2024 at 7:10 PM. During this test, Pushpak automatically landed on the runway. It is being hailed as a major success for ISRO. Through this test, ISRO demonstrated the autonomous landing capability of the reusable launch vehicle. The winged vehicle is designed to perform more complex maneuvers, perform both cross-runway and downrange corrections, and land on the runway in fully autonomous mode.

What did ISRO say about training?

Giving information on its social media platform X (formerly Twitter), ISRO said that the mission of RLV-LEX 01 was completed last year. RLV-LEX 02 was then tested. It demonstrated the autonomous landing capability of the RLV under initial conditions after being launched from a helicopter. The winged vehicle named Pushpak was picked up by an Indian Air Force Chinook helicopter and released from an altitude of 4.5 km. After release 4 km from the runway, Pushpak autonomously landed on the runway with cross-range correction. Pushpak landed smoothly on the runway.

Also know the features of Pushpak.

We tell you that Pushpak is a reusable launching aircraft. This plane is similar to the airplanes that have wings. It weighs about 1.75 tons. This aircraft could be effective in making access to space affordable. Pushpak can assist with robotic landings in more complex situations. Today i.e. Friday, only robotic landing was tested.

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