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Your Court: In the new episode of the country’s popular show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, the country’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh answered the questions of the guest Rajat Sharma. When Rajat Sharma asked him about the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal, he said that we did not arrest him. ED has summoned Kejriwal. He ignored ED’s summons nine times and then went to court for relief. But the court did not give any relief. The ED then arrested him. Rajnath Singh said that what is the role of the government or the BJP in this? You will be able to listen to this new episode of ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ on Saturday at 10 PM.

It is not right to blame the BJP or the government.

When Rajat Sharma asked Rajnath Singh that the opposition leaders were alleging that the government was using the ED and CBI unnecessarily and putting opposition party leaders in jail, Rajnath Singh replied in detail. He said that the investigation agency is doing its work. The matter went to court and then the agency did its job. So it is not right to blame the BJP or the government.

When Rajat Sharma asked the Defense Minister that the leaders of the Indian alliance were saying that Modi ji was scared. All the leaders of the opposition parties will be jailed before the elections. Rajnath Singh didn’t say much on this, just let’s see what happens.

Have all bank accounts of Congress been frozen?

Are all bank accounts of Congress really frozen? Does Congress really have no money to buy train tickets? Rajnath Singh also responded openly to this. When Rajat Sharma asked Rajnath Singh – What is the condition of Congress due to Income Tax? Rahul Gandhi is saying that our accounts have been frozen…there is no money even to print railway tickets and posters. I cannot give anyone even two rupees. On this, Rajnath Singh said why don’t you go to the court… There is a lower court, a high court, a supreme court. On this, Rajat Sharma said that there is no relief if they go. In response to this, Rajnath Singh said – if relief is not getting, what should our government do? What should Modiji do?

NDA will win more than 400 seats – Rajnath

On the question of more than 400 slogan in the Lok Sabha elections, Rajnath Singh said – ‘Looking at the atmosphere among the people, we are confident that the NDA will win more than 400 seats. Bharatiya Janata Party will win more than 370 seats. This is our guess. People will not let our faith break. When Rajat Sharma asked him that Congress President Kharge is saying that these people are boasting about 400 seats, Rajnath Singh said – With folded hands, I humbly ask the Congress President that our NDA from 400 More seats will win.

Rajnath Singh made several revelations in your court, is the Congress treasury empty? Is Modi a dictator? Will Modi abolish the Constitution? Can EVMs be tampered with? Will Modi’s guarantee remain? Will we get a vote on the name of Ram Mandir? Will Congress benefit from Rahul’s new yatra? Defense Minister Rajnath Singh answered all these questions in detail. You can watch this special show of ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ with Rajnath Singh on Saturday at 10 PM.

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