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Fired employees told in 10-minute video call 'You are one of us now' - India TV Paisa

Photo: FREEPIK The fired employees were told in a 10-minute video call that you are now extra among us.

Canadian telecom company Bell has fired more than 400 employees for holding meetings during just 10-minute video calls. Unifor, the union representing the employees, has condemned the move and termed it shameful. The fired employees were told in a 10-minute video call, “You are now an extra among us,” and the manager read the termination notice without allowing anyone to ask questions, the Toronto Star reported.

The company denied the statement.

Unifor’s Quebec director reportedly said that our members, who have dedicated years of service to the telecom and media giant, are being paid with pink slips. However, the company denied the statement and said it had been transparent with union leadership for more than five weeks. The retrenchment process and its responsibilities have been completed. The laid-off employees also held individual HR meetings to discuss severance packages, the company said.

Plans to cut 4,800 jobs announced in February

UNIFOR is Canada’s largest private sector union, with approximately 315,000 members across the country. They represent more than 19,000 employees of Bell and its subsidiaries. Bell previously announced plans in February to eliminate 4,800 positions, about 9% of its workforce, as CEO Mirko Babic explained on an earnings call to simplify our organization and Cuts are being made to accelerate our transformation. He was told it was necessary. But the layoff decision was criticized as the company also increased its dividend payout to shareholders.

The union said it expressed dismay at how the layoffs were being handled, leading the company to change its approach to future meetings. The union said our representatives will be present going forward, and workers on the group call will be free to silence themselves and ask questions. According to Unifor, Bell will post a profit of $2.3 billion at the end of 2022.

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