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Saif Ali Khan looked royal

The Little Nawab of Bollywood i.e. Saif Ali Khan is usually seen with his family every day. But recently he was spotted alone on the streets of Mumbai. Meanwhile, Saif was seen looking like a groom getting ready and taking his bride with the wedding procession. Yes, a video of Saif has surfaced, in which the actor can be seen posing as a groom in a horse-drawn carriage. Meanwhile, Saif’s royal look is seen.

Saif disguised himself as a groom and rode the horse carriage.

In the upcoming video, you can see Saif dressed as a groom. Meanwhile, she is wearing a cream color sherwani. Along with this, they wear a maroon colored turban on their head, with a white feather attached to the turban. This look of Saif looks no less than a king. Saif looks great in this royal look. Fans are appreciating his style. Saif is seen roaming the streets of Mumbai in a horse carriage dressed as a groom. However, no one knows where they are going. While in the video, Pop is also seen asking him that where are you going sir? But Saif doesn’t answer Pop’s question, he smiles and brushes it off. Currently, this video of Saif Ali Khan is part of a movie or an advertisement shoot, it is not yet out.

Saif Ali Khan’s Workfront

Saif Ali Khan was last seen in ‘Udi Porosh’. He was seen in the role of ‘Ravan’ in this film. Although his character was not much liked. Talking about the upcoming films of the actor, the actor will now be seen in ‘Deora’. There is a lot of talk about this film of South Cinema at the moment. Apart from this, Saif Ali Khan is going to be seen in another film. The name of the movie is ‘Go Go Go Gone’.

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