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Ambulance Goes Through Crowd of People - India TV Hindi

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An ambulance is driving through a crowd of people.

Rang Panchami is celebrated with great fanfare in many districts of Madhya Pradesh. This festival is celebrated just 5 days after Holi. Every year Rang Panchami is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Indore, one of the districts of MP. A religious rally is organized in Indore every year on the occasion of Rang Panchami. In which more than 5 lakh people are participating. This year also this religious rally was seen in Indore. A surprising incident happened during the rally itself. Where the people gathered in the meeting showed their wisdom in such a way that everyone is praising them. Let us tell you what it’s all about.

When the ambulance arrived in front of the huge crowd.

A religious procession was taken out on the occasion of Rang Rinchami in Indore. In which a crowd of more than 5 lakh people was involved. This crowd had come out on the road to celebrate their festival. Then there was an incident where the officials on duty were exhausted to handle such a crowd. In fact, an ambulance reached the road ahead of the crowd. The ambulance had to wade through a crowd of over 5 lakh people. How will the ambulance go in such a situation was a very difficult question. But the sensible people of Indore took the matter seriously and showing their wisdom started to clear the way for the ambulance. In no time, the ambulance made its way through the crowd to its destination.

CM Mohan Yadav was also present in the yatra.

Let me tell you that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav was also included in this visit. Seeing the wisdom of the people of Indore, they must have understood that they will not have to work hard to take Indore forward because the people where they are so wise will make their own way of development. The video has been shared by Ankit Kumar Awasthi on social media platform X. Which is seen and liked by millions of people. Everyone is saluting the people of Indore for their wisdom.

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