Brother and sister cut the veins of the hands. If he did not die, he ate the sulpha given by his mother. Know The Reason – India TV Hindi

Police revealed the suicide of brother and sister.- India TV Hindi.

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The police disclosed the suicide of brother and sister.

Ujjain: A few days ago, the police disclosed the case of suicide of brother and sister in the district. This revelation of the police has surprised everyone. Let me tell you that this incident took place in Jiwajiganj police station area. When the police received the information about the suicide of brother and sister, the team reached the spot. When the police examined it, it was found that the veins of both the deceased’s hands were cut, but there was no blood on the floor. The post-mortem report revealed the case of death due to poisoning. Seeing the issue getting complicated, SP Pradeep Sharma constituted a special team under the leadership of Additional SP and CSP. After which this matter came out in full investigation.

The SP revealed the matter.

SP Pradeep Sharma revealed the incident in the police control room on Tuesday. He said that the deceased youth was 29 years old and his sister was 15 years old. The young man’s eyesight was weak due to which he was suffering from mental stress. Apart from him, only his sister and mother were present in the house. The young man’s father used to work in Kuwait. The son was angry because the father did not come home. On this, both the sister and brother asked the mother to bring the father to see them and also talked about committing suicide if she did not do so.

Told the mother how to commit suicide.

He had already told how to commit suicide. Both told their mother that first they would take sleeping pills and then cut the veins of their hands. Still, if death does not come, they will take sulfa pills. The children asked their mothers to refrigerate their blood when they cut the veins on their hands, so their fathers could see it. The special thing was that the mother herself had brought sleeping pills and sulfa pills.

The mother kept the blood of both in the refrigerator

On the day of the incident, the mother had gone to school to teach as usual. Meanwhile, the brother and sister first took sleeping pills and then cut the veins of their hands. When this did not result in death, he committed suicide by consuming sulfa tablets kept at home. When the mother returned home, she saw that the children had committed suicide. They then collected the blood according to the children’s last wishes, filled it in a bowl and kept it in the freezer.

After both died, the father returned

When the father came to know about this incident, he also returned to Ujjain from Kuwait. After the investigation, the police have named the parents of the victim in the case. According to the police, the father is accused of not taking care of the children while the mother is accused of hiding the matter and helping the children even after knowing about the suicide of the children. The police have arrested the parents. A suicide note was also found with the children in which they blamed their father for the suicide.

(Reporting by Prem Dodia from Ujjain)

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