Oh my God! What happened while playing, the person who went to fight broke his hand, people were shocked to see the video – India TV Hindi

Hand broken while clawing - India TV Hindi

Image Source: Social Media
Hand broken while fighting with claws.

Arm wrestling has become a popular sport in today’s times. Earlier this game was seen only in WWE but nowadays this game is being held all over the world. Many people start fighting each other just for fun. People show their physical strength by claw fighting. But fighting with many claws also becomes heavy for people. People injure themselves while playing sports. One such video is going viral on social media these days. Where the boy became very difficult to fight.

The boy was fighting with his claw, his hand was broken.

Actually, the boy pretended to be a lion while playing and came to fight, but while playing, the poor man’s hand was broken. In this viral video, you can see the claw fight going on. A boy is also hosting the competition. Then a person wearing a red T-shirt reaches there and talks to the person sitting on the chair about the claw test. He shakes his opponent’s hand and then sits down in a chair to spar with him. As soon as the game starts, the opponent starts to overwhelm him. After some time the opponent pulls down the red t-shirt man’s hand while the red t-shirt man tries to raise his hand but before he can, his hand is suddenly broken. Seeing this, everyone present was stunned.

The video went viral on social media

This shocking video has been shared on social media platform X by an account named @gharkekalesh. Sharing the video, the caption reads- ‘Arm wrestling is no joke, it can sometimes lead to serious injuries.’ As of writing the video, millions of people have watched and shared it. While many people have described it as a serious problem.

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