Fitness Tips Amiya Bhagwat Weight Loss Journey Know What To Do

Amiya Bhagwat weight loss : Gaining weight worries everyone. Due to this, many types of diseases increase. Nowadays people are becoming fitness freaks. They are adopting different methods to reduce their weight. Although it is not helping much but there is one person who lost almost 60 kg in just 9 months. This person is none other than Sachin Tendulkar’s fan Umya Bhagwat. Her weight loss journey is inspiring everyone. If you also want to lose weight fast, then know Amiya Bhagwat’s weight loss treatment…

Lost 60 kg in 9 months.

Umya Bhagwat’s weight was 131 kg earlier but then she decided to lose it and in just 9 months of hard work she reduced her weight by 60 kg to 71 kg. Amiya said in an interview that she had to lose weight, so first she changed her diet and routine. Completely stop eating all carbohydrates, fruits, nuts and seeds. When he lost about 45 kg, he realized he was making a mistake. Because the body was losing its balance due to not following the weight loss journey properly. He then balanced his diet and exercise and lost weight with proper training.

What does Amiya Bhagwat eat to lose weight?

Amiya said that she used to eat eggs, chicken, soy chunks, cheese, whey in addition to fruits and vegetables to lose weight. He has added plenty of carbohydrates and a balanced amount of fat in his diet. For this use chapati, bukhari, rice, oats, beans, nuts, egg yolk, seeds, ghee and milk products.

Does Amiya Bhagwat not eat sweet things?

Amiya said that she paid full attention to her fitness for two years. During this period he did not eat anything like sugar, jaggery or honey. However, it is not necessary to do this as you can eat 25 to 30 grams of sugar, jaggery and honey in a day. He suggested that one should completely avoid eating packaged and ultra-processed foods.

What principles did Umya Bhagwat follow to lose weight?

1. Got enough sleep and gave the body adequate rest.

2. Focus on a balanced diet rich in protein and fiber.

3. Exercising daily

4. Stay away from junk food

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