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Washington: Due to the ongoing war in Gaza, leaders of the Muslim community in the United States have rejected President Joe Biden’s invitation to break the fast. The White House has since decided to host a small Iftar dinner on Tuesday evening, which will be attended only by people working in the administration. Wael al-Zayat, who leads the Muslim advocacy group Magaz, attended the Iftar at the White House last year, but this time he declined to eat with Biden, saying, “When there are starvation conditions in Gaza. Therefore, it is inappropriate to participate in the feast in this way.

This fear is haunting the Democratic Party.

After declining invitations from several people, the White House changed its plans on Monday and told community leaders it wanted to hold a meeting focused on the administration’s policies, Al-Zayat said. Al-Zayat also denied it. Many American Muslims are angry with Biden for supporting Israel over the siege of Gaza. The president’s Democratic Party fears that declining Muslim support for Biden could pave the way for Republican nominee Donald Trump to return to the White House.

These people will join.

Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, government Muslim officials, national security officials and several Muslim leaders are expected to attend Tuesday’s iftar feast. However, the White House has not disclosed their names. Some people who have been invited to the events in past years were not invited this time, including Dearborn, Michigan Mayor Abdullah Hammoud. (AP)

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