NSE reduced the contract size of these derivatives including Nifty 50.

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has changed the lot sizes of various derivative contracts including the Nifty50. Under the latest changes, NSE has reduced the size of various derivatives.

Changes in these derivative contracts

NSE informed about the change in a circular issued on Tuesday. As per the NSE circular, the lot sizes of derivative contracts of Nifty 50, Nifty Financial Services and Nifty Midcap Select Index have been changed. The lot sizes of these three derivative contracts have now been reduced. There has been no change in the derivative contract lot size of investor favorite Nifty Bank.

Now the lot size will be so big.

The NSE said that the lot size of Nifty 50 derivative contracts will now be 25. So far the lot size was 50. Similarly, in case of Nifty Financial Services, the lot size will be reduced to 25 instead of 40. The lot size of the Nifty Mid-Cap Select Index has now been reduced from 75 to 50. The lot size of Nifty Bank will remain 15 as before.

The size will change from April 26.

The circular said the change is in line with SEBI guidelines. This periodic review is in line with the guidelines set by SEBI regarding lot sizes of various derivatives contracts. According to the circular, the change in the size of the respective index will be effective from April 26. This means, from April 26, the lots of Nifty 50, Nifty Financial Services and Nifty Midcap Select Index will become smaller.

The changes will be effective from these dates.

According to NSE, all Nifty 50 weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly contracts will expire in new lot sizes from April 26. These changes will not apply to the April series. The first weekly expiry with the revised lot size will be on May 2 while the first monthly expiry will be on May 30. In case of Nifty Financial Services and Nifty Midcap Select Index, the changes will not be applicable to the existing monthly and weekly closes of April, May and June series.

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