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Umesh Pal Murder Case - India TV Hindi

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Both sons of Atiq Ahmad

Prayag Raj: The Prayagraj police have also accused the two sons of mafia Atiq Ahmed in the Umesh Pal murder case. Atiq Ahmed’s elder son Umar Ahmed is lodged in Lucknow Jail while younger son Ali Ahmed is lodged in Naini Central Jail in Prayagraj.

The Prayagraj police have obtained the remand of Atiq’s two sons and on the request of the police, the court has summoned the two brothers through video conferencing and also approved the remand of the case. The police have also issued a remand warrant for Ali in Nanny Jail. Atiq’s elder son Umar Ahmed is in jail for taking builder Mohit Jaiswal to Deoria jail and beating him up, while Atiq’s younger son Ali is in jail for extortion and assault.

Screws are being tightened on both sons of Natiq.

In the case of the murder of Amish Paul and two government gunmen, the police have now started targeting Atiq’s two sons as well. After the murder, when the police conducted a thorough investigation, it became clear that Atiq’s son Asad had visited his elder brother Umar many times before the murder of Amish Pal in Lucknow Jail and Atiq’s shooter Ghulam was also present with him. .

Asad had told Umar the whole plan of the massacre. Similarly, before the massacre, Asad and Atiq’s bombers, Guddu Muslim and Ghulam, had also met Ali in Nini Jail and explained the plan to get Umesh Pal out of the way.

Atiq’s servant and driver, who was caught with money in the office, had also revealed during the police investigation that in the meeting of the shooters at Shaista’s Chakia’s house before the murder, it was said that Umar and Ali Everything has been explained. In the meeting, some people also told that Umar Bhai had also asked Asad not to send him to massacre.

Why were the two brothers accused in the Amish murder case?

It is clear from the facts found by the police in the investigation of the murder case that the two brothers had prior knowledge of the conspiracy to kill Amish Paul. Therefore, the police have made these two brothers also accused in the murder case. Now the court has accepted the remand of Umar and Ali and the police have also issued jail warrants for the two mafia sons.

In such a situation, the difficulties of the two sons of Atiq in jail have increased. Umar, lodged in Lucknow Jail, surrendered in Lucknow’s CBI court after being absconding for many years. While Ali was wanted in an extortion case filed by his relative Zeeshan alias Janu. Ali surrendered in court after spending several days on the run. Even while in jail, he started collecting money following his father’s footsteps. Half a dozen extortion cases have been registered against Ali while in jail.

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