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WTC Points Table- India TV Hindi

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WTC points table: Change in points table, a big blow to Pakistan

World Test Championship Points Table Update: Although the eyes of cricket fans around the world are on the biggest cricket league played in India, IPL, but meanwhile, Test cricket is also being played under the World Test Championship. The Sri Lankan team is currently on a tour of Bangladesh where two Test matches were to be played which have now ended. Meanwhile, with the match over, there has been a change in the ICC World Test Championship points table. This has not affected the health of the Indian team, but Pakistan has suffered a severe blow.

Team India is ranked first in the WTC points table.

Talking about the latest ICCWTC points table, the Indian team is still not at the top. The team has played 9 matches. Out of these he has won 6 matches and lost two. One match has no results. That means the PCT of the Indian team is currently 68.51. After that, the Australian cricket team is at the second position. The team has played 12 matches so far out of which they have won 8 and lost 3. The team’s PCT is currently 62.50. New Zealand is in third place with a PCT currently at 50.

The Sri Lankan team reached the fourth position.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has won both the matches of the series being played between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, due to which it has a big lead in the points table. By the end of the second match, Sri Lanka were in sixth position with 33.33 pct. But now by winning the second match, she has directly reached the fourth position. Sri Lanka’s PCT is now 50 years old and the team has immediately moved up to the fourth position. The team has won two out of four matches and lost two. This has caused damage to Pakistan.

Pakistan team faced defeat

Until a few days ago, the Pakistani team was occupying the fourth position with 36.66 pct. The team has played 5 Tests so far, out of which they have won two while the team has lost three matches. On the other hand, due to Sri Lanka’s PCT 50, the Pakistani team has now reached the 5th position. Apart from Pakistan, West Indies have also suffered. The team was previously number 5 but now has to go straight to sixth. Also, the Bangladesh team, which was ranked seventh with a PCT of 33.33 before the last Test, has now reduced its PCT to 25 and the team has moved to the eighth position.

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