NSE is waiting for SEBI’s green signal to launch the IPO, the process will begin once the approval is granted.

NSE Position: The National Stock Exchange is once again ready to start the IPO (Initial Public Offering) process for listing on the stock exchange. The National Stock Exchange is awaiting a green signal from stock market regulator SEBI to launch the IPO.

Once the stock market regulator SEBI is satisfied with the operations of the National Stock Exchange, SEBI may allow the National Stock Exchange to reapply for launching the IPO, said Ashish Chauhan, CEO of the National Stock Exchange. . “Whenever SEBI is satisfied and they ask us to start the IPO, then we will work to take the process forward,” he said.

The National Stock Exchange is known as the largest stock exchange in the country, from the launch of the IPO to the listing process in the stock exchange has been going on for a long time. But in 2015, NSEK had to put the IPO process on hold, following the location scam. Also, SEBI wants the SSE to strengthen the technology infrastructure as well as improve the corporate governance structure and resolve all legal disputes first. In 2021, the National Stock Exchange had to halt trading for several hours due to malfunctions in its mainframe and disaster recovery sites. which was thoroughly examined by SEBI. Due to corporate governance issues, NSE’s IPO launch process has been stuck for a long time.

At the end of the December 2023 quarter, NSE’s profit stood at Rs 1975 crore. While revenue was Rs 3517 crore which is 25% higher than the same quarter of its first fiscal year. In the latest proposed auction, the NSE share price was estimated at Rs 3150.

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