Another scandal of urinating in the plane came to light, the passenger urinated in such a place that there was a commotion – India TV Hindi

Australian aircraft.  - India TV Hindi.

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Australian aircraft.

Sydney: Incidents of urinating in flying planes are coming up one after the other. This time, a similar incident of urinating in an Australian plane has come to light. Air passenger peed in such a place that you will be shocked to hear. This movement of the passenger caused a commotion in the entire plane. The case is of Sydney Airport. A passenger urinated in a cup during the delay in disembarking after the flight arrived here. This passenger has been fined for doing so.

The incident, which happened on a three-hour Air New Zealand flight from Auckland last December, led to the 53-year-old being fined A$600 (US$395) by a Sydney court in February for aggressive behaviour, Australian authorities said on Friday. What was imposed? Fined Rs. The incident came to public attention on Friday, when New Zealand news website Stuff reported that Hawley, a passenger in the same row, said he had reported the behavior to the flight crew.

The woman and her 15-year-old daughter were urinated on.

Holly said she and her 15-year-old daughter were sitting in the aisle and middle seats when the man in the window seat urinated into a cup. The name of the male passenger has not been released. Holley said the plane had been parked on the road for about 20 minutes waiting for a terminal gate to be allocated when he heard the distinct sound of a passenger urinating in a cup. He said the man was “obviously quite intoxicated” and threw urine at the flight attendant as they exited the plane. (language)

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