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Image source: India TV
India TV’s reality check

Every day some fake news goes viral on social media, but not everyone is able to guess the truth of this video and becomes a victim of fake news. One such video is going viral on social media in which it is claimed that Ashutosh Rana has appealed to vote for BJP. Our investigation found this claim to be misleading.

What was claimed?

Fact check

Image source: India TV

India TV’s reality check

A user named @Heisenbergbec on Social MediaX shared a clip of actor Ashutosh Rana’s poem, in which Ashutosh Rana is appealing to vote. The video has lotus flowers woven and BJP written on it. The caption read, “#VoteForBJP, you vote, Ashutosh Rana’s appeal to vote for BJP.”

What did the investigation reveal?

When India TV started investigating this, we found a video on the official ID of the actor which is very similar to the same video, we also found out that the video is very old ie from November 2023 and it features the actor. He appealed. Vote in the interest of the nation and not any party. The actor does not mention any party anywhere in the entire poem. Also, during our investigation, we did not find any campaign message or any advertisement for BJP by the actor.

What was the result?

An India TV investigation has found that social media claims that actor Ashutosh Rana has appealed to vote for the BJP are misleading.

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