Sensex-Nifty closes flat, strong buying in banking mid-cap stocks, market cap hits Rs 399.41 lakh crore

Stock market close on 5th April 2024: The last trading session of the week was very good for the Indian stock market. The index closed flat. But buoyed by the RBI’s monetary policy announcements, the market saw strong buying in banking stocks, while mid-cap and small-cap stocks also rose sharply. At the end of today’s trade, the BSE Sensex closed up 21 points at 74,248 points and the National Stock Exchange Nifty closed flat at 22,513 points.

The market cap is on the verge of touching Rs 400 lakh crore.

Market capitalization of BSE-listed stocks closed at Rs 399.41 lakh crore due to buying in banking mid-cap and small-cap stocks in the stock market. which was Rs 358.60 lakh crore in the previous trading session. This means the market cap has increased by Rs 81,000 crore in today’s business.

Index name Closure level High level Low levels Percentage change
BSE Sensex 74,248.22 74,361.11 73,946.92 0.03%
BSE Small Cap 46,032.71 46,080.64 45,684.96 0.50%
India VIX 11.34 11.68 11.04 1.05%
NIFTY MID CAP 100 50,022.85 50,058.55 49,678.75 0.56%
NIFTY Small Cap 100 16,355.35 16,375.55 16,171.05 0.84%
Nifty Small Cap 50 7,509.20 7,518.55 7,425.50 0.86%
Nifty 100 23,240.55 23,262.90 23,128.90 0.15%
Nifty 200 12,551.00 12,562.15 12,486.85 0.21%
Nifty 50 22,513.70 22,537.60 22,427.60 0.05%

The Nifty Midcap Index closed above 50,000.

Banking stocks saw gains in today’s trade, with the Bank Nifty jumping 432 points to close at 48,493 points. Shares in Pharma, FNCG Metals, Real Estate, Consumer Durables and Oil & Gas sectors also closed higher. But auto, IT, healthcare media and energy stocks have seen declines. Nifty’s mid-cap index crossed 50,000 for the first time and closed at a lifetime high of 50022 points. While the small cap index closed at 16 thousand 355 points with an increase of 136 points. A total of 3948 shares were traded of which 2424 shares were gainers and 1424 shares were losers. No change was observed in the price of 100 shares.

Rising and falling stocks

Shares of Kotak Mahindra closed down 2.09%, Bajaj Finsro 1.56%, HDFC Bank 1.41%, ITC 1.21%, SBI 0.67%, Larsen 1.54%, Bharti Airtel 1.28%. percent, Bajaj Finance has grown to 1.25 percent.

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