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Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Fisheries Minister Douglas Dewanand has said that there is no basis to India’s claims of ‘taking back’ the Kachatheo Island from Sri Lanka. This statement of Sri Lankan minister Dewananda has come after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments. PM Modi had targeted the Congress party and its ally DMK in Tamil Nadu. Modi had accused both parties of neglecting national interests in 1974 when Sri Lanka was given the Kachathivu Island. The BJP has also hit out at both parties for not ensuring the rights of fishermen fishing in the waters around the Kachathivu island.

‘It’s election time in India’

“It’s election time in India, it’s not unusual to hear claims and counter-claims about Kachathiv,” minister Douglas Devanand told reporters in Jaffna on Thursday. Devananda said, “I think India is working to acquire this space with its own interests in mind to ensure that Sri Lankan fishermen do not have access to the area and Sri Lanka should continue to exploit this resource-rich region.” But no one should claim rights. .

The minister said this

Dewanand said that there is no basis for the statements to take back Kachatheo from Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan minister said that according to the 1974 agreement, fishermen from both sides can fish in the territorial waters of both countries. Reviewed and revised in 1976. Based on this amendment, fishermen from both countries were banned from fishing in neighboring waters. Devananda said, “There is a place called West Bank which is claimed to be located under Kanyakumari. It is a huge area with vast marine resources. It is 80 times bigger than Kachatyu, which India claimed in 1976. The review acknowledged. Agreement.”

Indian fisherman arrested

As Fisheries Minister, Devananda has faced pressure from local fishermen in recent months. Local fishermen have protested strongly to stop illegal fishing by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters. They say bottom fishing by Indians is against the interests of Sri Lankan fishermen. So far this year, the Sri Lankan Navy has arrested at least 178 Indian fishermen and confiscated 23 of their trawlers. (language)

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