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Woman Doing Dangerous Stunts - India TV Hindi

Image Source: Social Media
The woman is doing dangerous stunts.

In today’s era, people are using social media the most. Some people use it for their entertainment while some people are using social media to become famous. Now people who want to be famous create some content every few days and upload its video on social media. People like people who have good content. And people also make fun of those whose content they don’t like. This is what happened to a woman who posted a video of her doing a dangerous stunt. People are having a lot of fun after watching the video.

What did you see in the video?

In the viral video, a woman is seen carrying a gas cylinder on her head. A closer look reveals that the woman is holding a glass object on her head and then holding a cylinder on it. Not only that, after that the lady shows standing on another cylinder kept in the house. When the woman balances well on the cylinder, she removes her hand from the cylinder placed on her head. In the video, the woman has performed a dangerous stunt. This is dangerous because if the woman’s balance was disturbed, some women could have suffered serious injuries.

Watch the viral video here

People are having a lot of fun

The video was shared on microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by an account named @Siya17082000. While sharing the video, the account user asked – What did you get by doing this? After watching the video, more people took to the comment section to have fun. Responding to the question written in the caption, a user wrote that I will not tell. Another user wrote – Was checking balance. A third user wrote – Got some views and some comments.

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