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The army is training the Pakistani cricket team with guns.

Nowadays we spend most of our time on social media. In such a situation, sometimes we get to see some videos that surprise us and make us laugh a lot. One such video of the Pakistani cricket team is fast becoming viral on social media, in which the Pakistani cricket team can be seen practicing with the Pakistan Army. Let me tell you that T20 World Cup is starting from 1st June. In such a situation, many teams around the world are taking training to play cricket, but people are surprised to see the training of the Pakistan cricket team and are also enjoying it.

Army is giving training.

The video has been shared on social media with the user ID @nickhunterr. It is also captioned, ‘They are going to play the World Cup or attack America.’ In fact, in this video, the Pakistan Army is giving training to the cricket team in the use of sniper guns, throwing grenades, and hand-to-hand combat. While virtually any cricket team practices on the field with a bat ball on the net, our neighboring country Pakistan always does something different. After watching this video, the people of the internet are having a lot of fun with the Pakistani team.

Users are making funny comments.

It should be noted that till writing this video, more than 7 lakh people have watched this video. Also, people are making funny comments after watching this video. A user wrote, ‘Bro, if IPL is going on then they have to provide some entertainment to their people so that they don’t get distracted by IPL.’ While another user wrote, ‘If you go under the stars, nothing will happen to you. Get a visa.’ Another user wrote that ‘America should see this and ban Pakistani players.’ While another user wrote, ‘They don’t seem to be meant to play cricket, man.’

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