Hurricane Kathleen panic in UK, 70 flights canceled, many trains affected – India TV Hindi

Storm Kathleen hits UK, around 70 flights canceled across UK, train services affected - India TV Hindi

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Hurricane Kathleen panic in UK, 70 flights cancelled

Hurricane Kathleen hit the UK coast on Saturday. Because of which, strong winds were also affected in most parts of the country. A yellow alert was issued for the north-west and south-west of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland from 8am to 10pm on Saturday. Wind gusts of up to 70 mph were also predicted during that time. Around 70 flights departing and arriving at UK airports were canceled before midday on Saturday due to Storm Kathleen. Due to which many flights were also diverted.

Flights were canceled due to the storm.

According to a report published in The Telegraph, flights from Belfast City Airport were also cancelled. Apart from this, several British Airways and Air France services have also been canceled for now. According to experts, this storm is the reason for the increase in temperature across the UK. Met Office meteorologist Ellie Glazier told The Guardian that the rise in temperature was caused by the storm. Because the storm is on the west side of the UK. “It’s bringing warmer temperatures from the continent,” he said. This means temperatures in the UK could reach 22 degrees Celsius.

Train service was also affected.

Storm Kathleen has affected train services across Scotland. Network Rail Scotland decided to reduce train speeds on several key routes from Saturday afternoon. Apart from this, railway passengers have also been advised to check their routes before travelling. Strong winds are blowing in the UK due to Storm Kathleen. Meanwhile, people in Ireland also experienced power outages. Meanwhile, thousands of homes in Ireland lost power. A lorry carrying a crane fell on the road due to the storm. Apart from this, many areas were flooded due to the storm.

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