Karan Rao revealed the real reason behind her divorce from Aamir Khan

Karan Rao and Aamir Khan Divorce: Karan Rao is in the headlines these days for his recently released film ‘Lapata Ladies’. The film received a great response from the audience and earned well at the box office. ‘Missing Ladies’ is produced in Aamir Khan’s production house and directed by Kiran Rao. After the success of his film, Karan Rao has opened up about his relationship and divorce with Aamir Khan.

What did Kiran Rao say on divorce?
Talking about her divorce with Aamir Khan, Karan Rao said in an interview to Brit India – ‘I took my full time, so I wasn’t worried about it. The thing is, Aamir and I were very strong and we have a very strong bond as two human beings. We are very connected to each other. We respect and love each other a lot, so it hasn’t changed and that’s why I wasn’t worried.

‘I wanted to live freely…’
Karan adds, ‘I knew I needed my own space. I wanted to live an independent life and I needed it to develop myself. I felt it was for my own growth and Aamir also accepted and supported it, so that helped. It wasn’t because we didn’t care for each other or that we didn’t have any problems or disagreements, so I wasn’t afraid of divorce.

Aamir and Karan were living in the Leo Inn.
Meanwhile, Karan Rao also revealed that she and Aamir Khan were in a live-in relationship for a year before getting married. “Aamir and I were in a live-in relationship for about a year before marriage and to be honest we did it because of our parents,” he said.

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