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Rajnath Singh warned the terrorists.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had a big talk about terrorism during an interview with TV news channel CNN News 18 on Friday. Rajnath Singh said that India will enter Pakistan to eliminate anyone who escapes across the border after trying to commit terrorist acts in India. Rajnath Singh’s interview in Hindi comes a day after British newspaper The Guardian published a report which claimed that Indian intelligence agencies have been targeting terrorists in Pakistan since 2020 to identify those living on foreign soil. About 20 people were killed in the massive plan to eliminate the terrorists.

They will not spare any terrorist, they will enter the house and kill them.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told CNN, “If any terrorist tries to disrupt the peace of the country, we will give him a befitting reply. If they (terrorists) flee back to Pakistan, we will respond in Pakistan.” They will enter and kill them.” He said, whatever the Prime Minister has said is absolutely true, India is so powerful and Pakistan is also starting to understand this.

Rajnath Singh also said that India intends to maintain good relations with all its neighbours, adding that India has never attacked any country. India has never attacked any country or tried to occupy their land. But if anyone threatens India or its peace, he will not be spared.

What did Rajnath Singh say?

Asked about The Guardian’s report, Rajnath Singh told CNN News 18, “If terrorists from neighboring countries try to disrupt peace in India or commit terrorist acts in India, we will defeat them. Will answer.” Any terrorist will trouble India, if any terrorist acts, we will give a befitting reply.

If he runs away to Pakistan, they will enter Pakistan and kill him. ,

“India wants to maintain cordial relations with its neighbour. Look at our history. We have never invaded any country or occupied even an inch of other country’s land. This is India’s role… if any If he tries to scare India by spreading terror on our land, he will not be spared.

Regarding Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, the defense minister said, “Be sure that the people of PoK themselves will demand that they stay with India. You may have seen some protests because they want to join India. After the abrogation of Article 370, the situation in Kashmir has returned to normal and progress has been rapid.

On Arunachal Pradesh, Rajnath said that Arunachal Pradesh was a part of India, is a part of India and will always be a part of India.

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