Russia’s space mission continues amid war, passengers land in capsule from space station – India TV Hindi

Russian capsule lands with 3 astronauts.- India TV Hindi

Image source: AP
Russian capsule carrying 3 astronauts lands on Earth.

Moscow: Despite more than two years of war with Ukraine, Russia’s space mission continues. This clearly shows that Russia did not stop its scientific activities under the pressure of war. 3 cosmonauts because of this enthusiasm for the survival of Russia They have landed safely on Earth in a capsule from the International Space Station. Following their mission to the space station, two female and one male passengers arrived in Kazakhstan on Saturday aboard a Russian space capsule.

The capsule through which the astronauts landed is not assigned to the Soyuz MS-24 capsule. It was carrying Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novytsky, NASA’s Laurel O’Hara and Marina Vasilevskaya of Belarus, which landed in the remote city of Jezkazgan at 12:17 p.m. Kazakhstan time. NASA astronauts Michael Barrett, Matthew Dominik, Tracy Dyson, Janet Epps and Russian astronauts Nikolai Chubb, Alexander Grebenkin and Oleg Kononenko are still aboard the International Space Station.

NASA said this.

Despite the return of Russian astronauts to Earth, NASA scientists are still camping in space. NASA said O’Hara arrived at the International Space Station on September 15, 2023, and spent a total of 204 days there. Novitsky and Vasilyevskaya blasted off into space on March 23, two days later than originally planned. (AP)

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