Sanjay Nirupam’s big reveal – ‘300 grams of khichdi for Rs 33’, this is how the scam happened – India TV Hindi

Sanjay Nirupam criticized Sanjay Rawat.  India TV Hindi.

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Sanjay Nirupam’s big reveal

Sujay Nirupam, who was expelled from the Congress, made a big revelation in the khichdi scam in a press conference on Tuesday. Sanjay Nirupam said that in August 2020, a bribe of Rs 5 lakh was received in the account of Sanjay Raut’s brother Sandeep Raut and this amount was deposited several times in the bank account of Sanjay Raut’s friend Sujit Patankar. Sahyadri Refreshments was awarded the contract to supply 300 grams of khichdi at Rs.33. Moreover, this company had given a contract to another company to distribute 100 grams of khichdi for Rs.16. Raut and Amul Karthikar stole 200 grams of khichdi from the poor during Covid.

In the Patra rice scam, Rawat bought property in his wife’s name and implicated his daughter in the Khichdi case. The contract was taken by a company called Sahyadri Refreshments, it got a contract worth Rs 37 lakh and the Rawat family took a bribe of Rs 1 crore. Vidita Sanjay Rawat took this bribe through a check through Vyshya Bank. .

Sanjay Nirupam told how the khichdi scam happened?

Khichdi Chor Amul Karthekar from North West has been called by ED, he should be arrested.. This Khichdi Chor is not Amul Karthekar alone.. When I investigated this case, I found that there are other people involved. . I found out that Shiv Sena is the mastermind behind UBT’s Sanjay Rawat Khichdi Scam. The BMC awarded a Rs 6.37 crore khichdi distribution contract to the Sahyadri Refreshment Company during the Covid period, it has been revealed.

The Chief Minister of that time used to come online everyday and show that he feels sorry for the poor laborers and these people together steal the khichri of these poor people. Now I demand from ED that if Sanjay Rawat is the mastermind of khichdi theft case, he should also be called for questioning and FIR should be registered against Rawat and he should be arrested. ED should expand the scope of this khichdi theft case.

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