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Diet plan to lose weight during fasting - India TV Hindi.

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Diet plan to lose weight during fasting

Devotion to Maa Durga during Navratri is so empowering that you can easily fast for the entire 9 days. If you want to lose weight through fasting, include such things in your diet, which will reduce obesity faster. Some people eat potatoes, sweets and fried foods during fasting which leads to weight gain instead of weight loss. If you want to lose weight while fasting, add these special fruits, vegetables and nuts to your diet. This will give your body enough energy and you will easily lose 2-3 kg in 9 days. Know what to eat to lose weight while fasting?

What to eat to lose weight while fasting?

Drink coconut water- Start the day with coconut water. It keeps the body hydrated in summer and helps in weight loss. Drinking coconut water provides essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Due to this, the body does not get dehydrated. Coconut water also reduces the problems of gas, acidity and heartburn.

Dry fruits – Eat a handful of dry fruits daily to gain strength during fasting. Vitamin deficiency in the body can be compensated with dry fruits. Include cashews, almonds, raisins, walnuts and dates in your diet. It provides fiber to the body and relieves problems like constipation. Eating nuts also helps in rapid weight loss.

fruit- Include more fruits in your diet during Navratri fast. Eat 1 apple daily in the morning. Then eat fruits like banana, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya and grapes. Eating fruits gives the body fiber and plenty of energy. Eating watery fruits fills the stomach faster and reduces obesity. Have one meal a day only in the form of fruits.

Vegetables- Be sure to include vegetables in your fast that will help you lose weight. Eat gourds and pumpkins instead of potatoes during fasting. Add cucumber and tomato as a salad. Add carrots to your diet in the form of salads. Eat gourd vegetables. This will reduce obesity quickly and also fill the stomach easily.

drink buttermilk- You should consume more liquid food while fasting. For this you must include buttermilk in your food. Instead of eating curd, drink lassi or buttermilk mixed with cumin and salt. Also add lemon water and jaggery or milk to the diet. This will fill your stomach easily and also reduce obesity.

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