Govinda is slapped, locked in a room for 20 days, the story of a terrible villain

Amrish Puri’s Journey: Hindi film industry has got many popular villains along with the lead heroes. Movies are incomplete without villains. There are many such villains, who used to grab all the limelight whenever they appeared in movies. Amrish Puri is one of them. Amrish Puri is one of the famous villains of the industry. Let’s take a look at Amrish’s journey.

Gave his first audition at the age of 22.
Amrish wanted to be an actor since childhood. He gave his first audition at the age of 22 but was rejected because of his looks and voice. After that he distanced himself from the industry. But the acting bug kept biting him and he entered again at the age of 40 and this time there was no denying him. The actor was known for his acting and voice. There was a time when films seemed incomplete without them.

Let us tell you that when Amrish was rejected in the first audition, he was working in a government insurance company. He had been working here for years. While working in an insurance company, he later tried his luck in theatre. Initially he used to clean the stage in the theater but gradually he made his own place.

Slaps Govinda and scolds Aamir, locks himself in a room for 20 days, such is the story of the terrible villain.

Worked in more than 450 films.
Amrish acted in more than 450 films. He appeared in many films like Mr. India, Ram Lakhan, Tridev, Ghayal, Karan Arjun, Jeet, Damini, Ghatak. Amrish was one of the highest paid actors of his time.

For this reason I locked myself in my room for 20 days.
Amrish Puri is known for his role as Mugimbo in Mr. India. His dialogue Mugembo Khush Hua is still remembered today. The actor worked hard for this film. He even locked himself in his room for 20 days. He did not even allow sunlight to enter the room. It was the result of Amrish’s hard work that his performance in this film caught the limelight.

Slaps Govinda and scolds Aamir, locks himself in a room for 20 days, such is the story of the terrible villain.

Govinda was slapped.

Several stories of Amrish Puri also became quite popular. One of them was that the actor slapped Govinda in front of everyone. According to Bollywood wedding reports, it happened that the reporting time on the set was 9 am. But Govinda reached the set at 6 pm. Due to which Amrish Puri got angry and slapped him. However, Amrish later apologized to Govinda.

Apart from Govinda, Aamir Khan also became the target of the actor’s anger. Before becoming an actor, Aamir Khan worked with his uncle Naseer Hussain as a caretaker. One day Aamir was asked to take care of Amrish’s continuity. But due to many mistakes, Amrish gets angry with Aamir and scolds him in front of everyone.

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