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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

It is claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi does what he says. The opinion of those who have worked with him has been that whatever he promises, he delivers. His thoughts, his words and his charismatic style influence more than billions of people. Perhaps this is the reason why in any survey PM Modi is declared as the most liked leader of the world. His charismatic personality continued to shine and shine even during his 10-year reign.

There are many examples of his political acumen which impressed his ministers, leaders as well as others who worked with him in political circles.

There are many such examples-

  1. The first example is Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presenting her first budget in the NDA government. Presenting the Union Budget for over two and a half hours, Seetha Raman felt unwell in the middle and had to seek permission from the Speaker to sit down and read the budget speech. After some time there was a deep concern about Prime Minister Modi’s health. PM Modi called him and told him to take care of himself and then sent his personal doctor for a check-up. Seetha Raman also said that even after so many years of this incident, she keeps asking about my well-being.
  2. In another instance, when Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad was retiring from the Upper House, PM Modi’s tearful farewell surprised opposition MPs. Later, Ghulam Nabi Azad also praised PM Modi and said that despite repeatedly criticizing the policies of the Modi government for seven years, PM Modi’s tearful speech moved him. Ghulam Nabi Azad said that Prime Minister Modi has shown true political skill by giving an emotional farewell to the Leader of Opposition in the House. “Apart from being a hard worker, PM Modi’s heart-warming attitude impressed me and the members of the opposition,” said Ghulam Nabi.
  3. Smriti Irani also faced a personal crisis during her first term as minister. Sharing the incident, she said that while she was shuttling between the hospital and home for her son’s health, she also had to speak on a burning issue in Parliament, Prime Minister Modi’s concern and support. Helped to deal with it. Smriti Irani said, “I was worried and worried but PM Modi kept asking, do you need any kind of help?” He is a person, a boss, that anyone would die for.
  4. Another example is PM Modi’s sudden arrival in Team India’s dressing room. When the ‘Men in Blue’ lost the World Cup 2023 final against Australia. PM Modi met the cricketers in the dressing room, consoled and cheered the ‘Men in Blue’ even though they were disappointed to lose the trophy in the final match. Some cricketers later revealed that there was silence and gloom in the dressing room. The cricketers spoke only after PM Modi met them and comforted them. (IANS)

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