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Delhi High Court - India TV Hindi.

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Delhi High Court

The High Court has slammed the Secretary of the Education Department over the plight of government schools in the northeast region of Delhi. The High Court said that there are two classes of children in a class and two teachers are teaching together. On one side history is being taught and on the other hand geography is being taught. The court told the secretary that by not educating the children, they are spoiling their future. Administration is run only by superiors. You have to take action against junior officers.

The desk bench in the class is broken.

The Delhi High Court said that you yourself believe that the desk is broken. Children don’t have new part books. The High Court asked the Education Secretary to tell when children will get books in schools. For this you have to file an affidavit as well. If you do not comply with the order, we will hold you in contempt.

Secretary of Education reprimanded

A bench headed by Acting Chief Justice Manmohan said that those who visited these schools noticed various problems like broken desks, shortage of classrooms and lack of books. The bench remarked that authorities have to not only publish in newspapers but also work at the ground level to remove the deficiencies. On the condition of the schools, the education secretary said that steps will be taken to comprehensively improve the situation in due time.

The High Court asked this question.

“You should have known all this,” the court said. What do I need to call you? You must go to ground level yourself. This is your job. Your work is impacting the lives of young children. You are not expected to just publish advertisements in newspapers. There are 144 children in a class. This is a very sad situation.

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