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Screenshot of conversation between lady and boss - India TV Hindi

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A screenshot of the conversation between the lady and the boss

At present, IPL is the only craze going on in the whole country. Everyone waits for the evening because the IPL starts in the evening. Everyone waits to watch the match of their favorite team. Some people go straight to the stadium to watch the match, no matter what they have to do. Some people buy expensive tickets, some people lie in their office and take leave and then go to watch the match. A woman did the same and lied in the office to watch the match. But his secret was revealed in front of the boss. Let us tell you the full story.

How was the woman exposed?

A video of the stadium is going viral on social media. Fans reached the stadium to watch the match between RCB and Lucknow. One of those fans was a girl who rushed out of her office citing a family emergency and came to watch the match. But during one catch when the cameraman focused on the fans, he saw the girl and her boss recognized her watching the match on TV. The video also shows a screenshot of the chat, which shows the conversation between the boss and the woman. The boss is saying that he recognizes him. “Now I call the manager immediately,” the woman said in the video via text.

Watch the viral video here

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account called mishraji_ki_bitiya. The video has been viewed by 360,000 people till the time of writing. After watching the video, a user wrote – Cameraman must be saying today I will expose you sinners. Another user wrote – Reminds me of the movie Golmaal. The third user wrote – Wow manager sir, you were also watching the match in the office. A user wrote – What is the status, is there any vacancy?

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