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Hair fall due to PCOS- India TV Hindi.

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Hair loss due to PCOS

From young girls to older women, everyone is increasingly suffering from PCOS these days. PCOS causes women to have irregular periods. In this problem women get menstruation after two or three months. Women suffering from PCOS face not one but two problems. These include weight gain, acne on the skin, excessive growth of hair all over the body including the face, however hair falls rapidly from the head and they face pregnancy related problems.

Hair loss is normal in PCOS.

Hair fall is a common symptom in PCOS, in fact hormonal imbalance in women’s body is greatly increased in PCOS. Which has a direct effect on their period cycle. Hormones become so unbalanced that the hair does not get proper nutrition. For this reason, women’s hair first begins to thin and its volume decreases to such an extent that it leads to baldness.

This hormone increases.

Androgen hormones are significantly increased in women with PCOS, these hormones are high in men and low in women. But when women suffer from this problem, these hormones increase in them. When these hormones increase in the body, women start growing more hair all over their body and hair starts disappearing from the head.

Take care of yourself like this

  • First, lose your excess weight. When you lose excess weight, it changes your imbalanced hormones and has a great effect on your skin and hair.

  • Include foods rich in vitamins and proteins in your diet. Eat out as little as possible.

  • Don’t forget to do yoga and exercise. Take at least 30 minutes a day for yourself and maintain your fitness.

  • If you have a lot of hair loss, you can consult your doctor and get PRP done.

  • You can control PCOD by making these simple lifestyle changes. After that you will see the best effects on your skin and hair too.

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